A person born into this world is either a male or female. There is no way to spin that – this is how it has been from the beginning of time and will always be the case.

We believe the vast majority of citizens in our country would obviously agree with that.

There are some who are born male or female and, for whatever reason, decide they want to change their sex through sex reassignment surgery. We don’t take issue with those who choose to do these procedures if that is what they really want to do. After all, it is a free country.

We do believe that those who want to have sex reassignment make a choice to do so and therefore should pay for the procedure on their own and not with taxpayer money.

Again, we think most people who pay taxes would agree with that.

But, apparently, two leading Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination believe otherwise. Former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., believe that the taxpayers should be the ones paying for these procedures, not those actually having the procedure done.

Biden has voiced support for making transgender surgery covered under Obamacare. “It does cover the surgery. It does cover transgender people,” he said. “It does cover across the board. Every LGBTQ person, as well as anyone else, should be able to have full health care without any limitations.”

Warren said in 2012, when she was running for the Senate, that she agreed with a conservative rival that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for transgender people to have operations that mutilate and cosmetically change their sexual organs. Warren said she didn’t believe that supporting gender-affirming surgery was a good use of taxpayer dollars.

My, my – what a difference seven years makes. Now, after flip-flopping, Warren is saying that taxpayer dollars should fund “gender-affirming health care” so that transgender Americans can have “free” sex-changing surgery.

Talk about some politicking going on here. Ideas such as this show two candidates who believe that government is the answer to all the country’s issues and they don’t mind sticking it to taxpayers to make sure their borderline socialist views are enacted if they are indeed elected in 2020.

To even suggest that taxpayers pick up the tab for elective surgery is a direct insult to taxpayers who already have enough money being taken out of their paychecks by Uncle Sam on a yearly basis.

The ideas floated by these two candidates are simply absurd and aren’t rooted in reality.

Again, if someone chooses to have sex reassignment, that is their choice. No one is forcing them to do the procedure. Therefore, the cost should solely be on them, not the American taxpayers, especially many who might disagree with trying to change the sexual organs they were born with.


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but you're okay with supporting all the white people on SNAP (not the black people though, just the white people who are the majority). And you're okay with supporting sexually abusing churches with your tithes, and rapist government officials who are into politics only for money and not you. You're okay with taking money from the hungry too, I suppose.

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