No child in our community should experience a Christmas without getting some presents.

Most children in our community are fortunate in that they will receive a lot of presents for Christmas this year, but there are other families whose children might not get any presents at all and that really saddens us. We understand that times are hard on some people, but their children still deserve to have presents given to them on Christmas Day.

Thankfully for the less fortunate, there are organizations and drives that help them and their children during the holiday season to help ensure that their children receive Christmas presents. One such drive in our city that for years has helped ensure that all children in our community receive presents on Christmas is Toys for Tots.

On Saturday, representatives from law enforcement and military – including the U.S. Marine Corps, Bowling Green Fire Department, Bowling Green Police Department, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Warren County Regional Jail, Western Kentucky University Police and Kentucky State Police – will be on hand at Walmart off Campbell Lane from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. collecting toys and monetary donations as part of its annual Hand it to a Hero Toy Drive.

We’re so glad that so many people from so many different organizations are coming out to volunteer for such a wonderful cause. Through the years, the effort of such individuals has really paid off.

Last year at Walmart, there was about $4,000 in monetary donations and 1,000 toys donated. The drive was part of the cumulative effort that allowed 6,554 children to be served and have a gift for the holidays. They had 150 locations throughout Warren County.

Toys for Tots will collect all the way through Dec. 18. After Dec. 18, donations can be taken to the Bowling Green Fire Department.

This truly is a wonderful cause. We urge people to go to the drive Saturday and to drop off toys to the fire department and other places by Dec. 18, because, as we said, no child should ever have to live through a Christmas without presents.


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