Those old enough to remember the cowardly attack on the USS Cole in 2000 by members of al-Qaida while the destroyer was being refueled in Yemen – taking the lives of 17 of our U.S. Navy sailors – certainly recall how we were all filled with anger and rage against those who did this.

Being pre-9/11, this was something that just didn’t really happen to our military ships. As a nation, we were shocked and very angry that these terrorists were able to get this close to one of our vessels on a suicide mission to kill as many Americans as possible. We have since been living in a post-9/11 world in which we have beefed up security immensely at our airports, naval military installations and other strategic areas that terrorists would love to attack if possible.

We credit former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump for keeping this security beefed up to protect our citizens and letting our enemies know that if they harm our citizens, there will be repercussions.

Lately, there have been some threats in the Persian Gulf, where our Navy vessels are on patrol and are being harassed by boats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy. Some of the boats have gotten dangerously close to some of our vessels. Last week, 11 boats from their navy swarmed our vessels.

This harassment has gone on long enough and needs to be stopped. Videos show these ships getting so close to these vessels that they could potentially ram one of them while laden with explosives and kill and injure our service members.

This is something that we cannot afford to let happen. That is why we were glad to hear Trump give the order Wednesday for the Navy to shoot and destroy all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.

Iran said it was conducting its own exercises and blamed “the unprofessional and provocative actions of the United States and their indifference to warnings” for the incident, but offered no evidence to support its claims.

We don’t trust one word coming out of Tehran, but we trust these videos that clearly show these terrorists’ boats are deliberately harassing our vessels at sea. Their country’s pattern of harassing our ships is well documented.

In December, a large group of IRGC boats sailed very close to the Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and other ships from her strike group as they passed through the highly strategic Strait of Hormuz.

This harassment shouldn’t be allowed to continue. Trump has put those who harass our vessels on notice that if they continue to do this they will be blown out of the water.

Trump isn’t a man who makes idle threats. He backs them up with action, so we believe Iran would be wise to tell its boats to cease this continued harassment. If they don’t, maybe they’ll think twice about future harassment when one or two of their boats and terrorist crews are blown out of the water.

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Enough Already

Do you know what this means?

It means all liberals and the main stream news media promoting this ridiculous exaggeration don't believe in science. It means that they as well as Koheleth, the blowhard of Warren county is ignorant of this also. He too actually believes the president was promoting the drinking of household disinfectants instead of the current science. What an arrogant dipstick!


I'll just leave this here. It debunks both your and econonuts' attempt at spinning the facts as they are. I'd also advise either, or better yet, both of you, to read beyond the abstract of any scientific study. I've made this clear in the past, yet it does not appear to have sunk in considering the same errors of omission are rearing their heads. Again.

"He too actually believes the president was promoting the drinking of household disinfectants..."

Lying again per usual.

I'll re-post here what I told your equally phantasmically dispositioned friend BR/Strangelove on another thread considering it applies to you as well.

Willful ignorance is the worst kind of ignorance, and confident stupidity is still stupidity. To make it even more applicable to you, Lying Liars are going to Lie.

Enough Already

This debunks nothing and is incredibly stupid even for someone as limited in analytical ability as you. No one without bias takes snopes serious. They have been shown to support leftists for years regardless of the truth and always default to democrats when something is less than clear.

This comes down to an opinion on what the president meant when he said what he did. Democrats will always interpret it in the negative and reasonable people (not you) will make the reasoned response that he did not mean what it could be construed to mean. As I said before, even a half wit (not you) knows he did not mean what democrats claim.

In the mean time how about weighing in on your new standard bearer Joe Biden. He was showing us his sharp mind and referenced his economic policy concerning "economic intercourse around the world” Do you think he was probably just thinking about one of his interns from 1993 or do you believe he was talking about trade around the world? Either way it would seem he has a one track mind. Defend him please. I know there is a reasonable democrap explanation...


Video evidence? Check

Official White House transcript? Check.

Attempt to obfuscate via claiming the remarks were 'sarcasm'? Check.

Failure to deflect recent history with sarcasm excuse, therefore implement the 'I was referring to a non-existent therapy route'? Check.

The party tells you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It is their most essential command.

Just give it up Goofy. You've got nothing.

Enough Already

If you are not going to use your brain just continue to live in your MSM filter bubble. Let them do your thinking for you. No point in taxing your already weak gray matter. It might cause a brain hemorrhage and then your fertile imagination would be shot.

How about commenting on your standard bearer Joe Biden? I know there must be an explanation for his "economic intercourse" comment and we all want to hear you explain it because you are oh so good with words...


Couldn't care less about Biden, but if he is the alternative to Trump, I'll pull the lever for him. But to be honest, I'd vote for a sack of dog turds over Don the Con.

I'd also caution you against attempting to make an argument from morality considering your dear leaders history. Not that any of this would register with you, because you are a cult member and a Liar.

Anything else Goofy?

Enough Already

"But to be honest, I'd vote for a sack of dog turds over Don the Con."

Well that's encouraging to know you are coming out of the political closet, not that everybody didn't already know that you were lying about being an independent. Only a demonrat with an advanced case of Trump derangement syndrome would vote for a sack of dog turds, but it's good to hear you acknowledge that. Now maybe we can dispense with your stupid lies about being independent. One more thing, If you vote for Biden you will be voting for a sack of dog turds. May that turd be with you.


'but if he is the alternative to Trump', you left that part out Goofy. Got nothing to do with being Republican, Democrat, or Independent ( which I still am, thank you very much) that's just how bad Trump is. Totally inept, incompetent, buffoon. Habitually lying, corrupt, con man. Morally destitute grifter. The mental acuity of a five year old, and the temperament to match. Last, but not least, a cult leader of equally idiotic simpletons who don't know there rear ends from a hole in the ground.

Any other brain dead assertions you would like to make there Goofy?

Enough Already

Your opinion bears no semblance to the truth. The fact is Trump turned the country around from Obama's incompetent community organizing. "This is the new reality, those jobs aren't coming back." Remember that one dipstick?

Trump renegotiated every major trade deal and gave America a fair deal again. He did what every president has promised but failed to do, recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after congress passed the bill with bilateral support. Guess what? Nothing bad happened even though demonrats told us there would be war. He destroyed the muslim caliphate while obama drew red lines in the sand and winked at them. He rolled back obama's asinine rules and federal regulations imposed on Americans by unelected bureaucrats.

You are beyond stupid for not recognizing the incredible success Trump has had in every area he has taken on. Now you say you will vote for Biden. (If he is the alternative) Obviously you will vote for him if he is the dumbocrat's candidate eliminating any use of your midget brain. Truly you have Trump derangement syndrome bad and it is blocking clear thinking to the point that you are no longer in command of your vaunted logic to the point you will vote for a senile old man. Did you catch the video of your preferred candidate, (Biden) sleeping while the Hildabeast was endorsing him? I didn't think so. I have included a link so you know what to expect if he is elected, and yes he is about the same as a bag of turds and will be just as effective.

I'm looking for this to appear in a campaign ad. You lying dumbocrats do my job so well all I have to do is supply the links to your joke candidates and their incompetence.


Well. We'll just have to wait and see which direction the country wishes to take come November now won't we? Neither you nor I will be the deciding factor. Of that I'm sure.

Good evening to you Goofy.

Enough Already

Here is the most recent Biden statement. He is absolutely a gift to Republicans.

I hope this clown show never stops!

Enough Already

I think we have a bilateral agreement. Goodnight dofus.

Enough Already

Good Morning dofus!

I just had to make sure you saw the latest clip of Dog.turd Biden. This election should be a lot of fun. Can you say Landslide Trump!


That's not gonna work this time. Trump is in a panic and understandably so. "Look at those Iranian boats instead of all those dead bodies" does not an effective campaign slogan make. He's starting to dread November 3 while the rest of us just can't wait.

Dr. Strangelove

Moohaha!!!! We are all around you and we're staying! [wink]


Attend a few LIBERATE rallies. Maybe that'd change.


Anybody who still supports this lame president should take his "medical" advice. You trust him so much, go ahead and inject / inhale / consume disinfectant to "clean" the virus out. We don't want you anymore. You ARE the problem.

Enough Already

If you are naive enough to believe he was serious because your MSM clowns told you he was serious you are just as stupid as they are. Even a halfwit, (no offense) wouldn't believe he meant any of what the media was suggesting.


I saw it live, and we have the video my confidently stupid friend. He was dead serious. No spinning your way out of this one, even a seasoned Liar such as yourself couldn't change this fact.

Enough Already

I've reviewed it also and I disagree.

He is not a wordsmith by any stretch but that is not what he was saying and you know it. Bottom line is only liberals and dumbbells believe he was talking about injecting actual household cleaners into your body. I would say you can't be that stupid but obviously you are. Continue to believe what you want and take the side of stupidity. You and your ilk are a minority and everyone else knows you take this tack strictly for the potential political damage it may cause him but I believe it will backfire like every other asinine thing demonrats have tried for three and a half years. Fly your freak-flag everyday. We enjoy you making an ass out of yourself.


So, you are going to sit there and tell me that a self proclaimed stable genius with a very large brain that knows more about damn near everything than anyone else, cannot articulate his thoughts in a cogent enough manner so as to remove any possible ambiguities? Puhleez. The only asses, dumb-asses that is, are him and anyone that is attempting to defend him.


The disinfectant injection was only patented in 2017 and at that time it was for cancer research. There are lots of disinfectant treatment studies related to cancer. Here is a later patent on one from China

Anyone who drinks tap water is drinking disinfectant. There is also a UV light therapy that was tested.

The media showed everyone how stupid they think they are. It personally pushed me to start banning them all from my Google News outlook so that any news organization that thinks people are stupid enough to believe the president of the USA was genuinely suggest the people drink bleach is not worth my screen real estate.

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