It cannot not be said enough that those who enter our country illegally need to be caught and sent back to their country of origin, never to return to American soil again.

Of course, we would be living in a dreamworld to believe that illegal immigrants won’t reenter our country once returned to their country of origin, because we read and watch all too often about these criminals reentering our country numerous times after being deported, with a small percentage of them committing crimes upon reentry.

We can’t afford to continue to let these criminals back into our country. While we rarely agreed with any of former President Barack Obama’s policies, he was strict on deportations and deserves credit for being tough on this issue. He understood that if you entered this country illegally, you would be deported. Obama deported nearly 3 million illegal immigrants during his eight years in office, much more than his predecessor, former President George W. Bush, did.

Like Obama, President Donald Trump has cracked down hard on these criminals since winning the election in 2016 and has been very tough on deportations and sending those back who defy our laws and reenter our country. Under Trump’s watch, close to 1 million people have been deported back to their country of origin by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in his three years in office.

We respect Obama and Trump for being tough on our border and sending the message that if you enter this country illegally, even on numerous occasions, you will continue to be deported and will not be granted asylum here. The clear message behind these mass number of deportations of illegal immigrants should deter more of them from trying to enter our country.

We believe we are on the right track on deportations of those who defy our laws and we believe it would be a shame to ever alter the progress we’ve made.

Well, if U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, has it her way, she would call for suspending deportations on our southern border if she is elected president.

On Nov. 8, Warren said that as president, she would be “open to suspending deportations” to pressure Congress to pass immigration reform legislation.

Warren went on to say: “I believe that what we’re doing right now with Immigration and Customs Enforcement focusing on people who do not pose a threat, that when ICE comes into our communities, takes our neighbors, our friends, our family members, that they do not make this country safer. And that we need ICE and Customs and Border Patrol just focused on real threats from terrorism, container shipping that comes into the United States, contraband that we have to worry about, fentanyl that we need to be focused on. There are places that we should focus for our safety, but tearing families apart is not that.”

This very far-left leaning candidate is simply in denial when she says these people pose no threat. Mrs. Warren, perhaps you should tell this to the parents of Mollie Tibbetts, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant, or the parents of Kate Steinle, who was killed while walking on a pier in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times. Or to the families who have had their loved ones killed by MS-13, most of whom enter our country illegally.

Mrs. Warren, a lot of these people do pose serious threats not only by committing crimes, but by bringing serious diseases into our country and draining taxpayers’ pocketbooks by paying for their health care needs and other government benefits they receive.

Secondly, when you make derogatory comments about ICE, given the dangerous jobs it performs on a daily basis, you are undermining all the good it does for this country by arresting and deporting these criminals. If you were to become president, you would be handcuffing ICE from doing its job, part of which does indeed entail arresting and deporting illegal immigrants.

These brave agents wouldn’t deserve that if Warren were to become president. Halting suspensions could also have the potential to put more American lives at risk at the hands of those seeking to enter our country to cause harm.

This we cannot afford.

Lastly, by saying you are in favor of suspending deportations, you are encouraging more and more illegal immigrants to break the law and come to our country. Warren’s essentially saying, “Please break the law and there will be no consequences.” Part of a president’s oath is to defend the laws of the Constitution. Our laws say that if you enter this country illegally, you will be deported.

Warren, if elected, would be derelict in her oath of office if she suspended deportations.

The proposal put forth by Warren is reckless and is just one reason among many why she is not qualified to be commander in chief.


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