No politician or American should ever make fun of someone’s religion or values. Religion and values should be respected.

Sadly, not all people show respect to a large segment of this country’s population. Who can forget 2008, when then-presidential candidate Barack Obama talked about how conservatives cling to their guns and religion? Who can forget in 2016, when then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” during the campaign?

These were mean-spirited remarks from both candidates and showed total disdain for people who take their faith seriously, take their values and morals seriously and are proud, responsible gun owners who use their guns for hunting and target shooting.

These hurtful words were directed at millions and millions of people all across the country.

Sadly, the national Democratic Party has shown disdain for middle America for years now, as evidenced by these highly offensive remarks.

One would think that after the loss in 2016 by horrible candidate Clinton, Democrats would not once again attack millions of Americans with deplorable comments on the stump. They obviously didn’t learn a thing, because far-left presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, slammed “old-fashioned religion” on Tuesday at an LGBTQ forum.

Warren, who has lied about her Native American ancestry, was asked: “What if a supporter approaches you and says, ‘Senator, I’m old-fashioned and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman. What is your response?’ ”

Warren replied, “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that. And I’m going to say, then just marry one woman. I’m cool with that. Assuming you can find one.”

This, again, is a mean-spirited comment made by someone who just several years ago went on record as being as being against same-sex marriages.

The intent of her rude and disingenuous reply was to take a jab at those who happen to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. It is a simple fact that the majority of people in America are married man and wife. This isn’t spin, it’s the truth.

When Warren makes remarks such as these, she is getting into the same trench with Clinton and basically saying that those who don’t believe in same-sex marriages are deplorable.

People who don’t believe in same-sex marriages aren’t deplorable or homophobic. They simply believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. They have that right just as those who choose to marry within their own sex have that right.

What is also odd about Warren’s reply is that she just assumed such a question would come from a man, even though the questioner at the forum never mentioned the sex of the person who might ask the question. We believe the reason Warren replied the way she did is because Warren is a feminist, and feminists often express opinions about men that attempt to lessen their worth.

Warren’s remarks were highly offensive and showed a candidate who looks down on middle America and the values and morals that those living in it represent. If she is the nominee, she’s going to have a hard time explaining this reply while campaigning in middle America, where millions of people disagreed with her offensive and judgmental comments.


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"No politician or American should ever make fun of someone’s religion or values. Religion and values should be respected." Then arrest Trump & Pence, every Deplorable Republican in Congress, Mayors and Governors because they constantly bully LGBTQIA, People of Color, and Women. Perhaps we need to take Republican's advice and punch bullies? Or will Republicans scream "We didn't mean us, we should be allowed to bully" ??

Enough Already 2

Hey, this is another disingenuous editorial from the “third grade or third rate” editorial staff.

Now, I must admit that I rated this Editorial as being funny. We all need that occasional dose of funny. Ever since Eric Wheeler finally had “enough already” and cut back on his letter writing, we have not had enough opportunities to just say: FUNNY!

By the way, we are not really laughing, except when Aaron Hughey pens one of his masterpieces. They can often be really “laughing” funny.

Let’s look at the original quote from Senator Warren, when she was asked a question about how she would respond to an "old-fashioned" supporter who believes marriage is between one man and one woman:

"I'm going to assume it is a guy who said that," Warren replied, "And I'm going to say, 'Well, then just marry one woman. I'm cool with that.'" The crowd erupted in applause and then Warren added: "Assuming you can find one."

Now from my perspective, I’m going to assume that the Senator is speculating that most women might not find the gentleman in question worth marrying, but if he is fortunate enough to find someone who will marry him, please get a divorce before you marry the next one.

OK, now the Editors did not address the other comments from that same town hall type of meeting. Take a look at the other part of the response that Senator Warren supplied when asked “if there was ever a time she did not support same-sex marriage”:

"It may have been the case. You know, I don't have notes from when I was a little kid," Warren said, receiving a laugh from the audience. "To me, it's about what I learned in the church I grew up in."

The senator from Massachusetts then recited the first song she remembers singing: "They are yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight. Jesus loves all the children of the world," she sang. "But to me, that is the heart of it. That is the basis of the faith I grew up in. It is really about the preciousness of each and every life. It is about the worth of every human being."

Warren said growing up she knew there were a lot of different people in the world, and she knows that in those days there weren't many people who were "out." However, what always shocked her was the hatefulness towards people who were out or different — especially, she said, hate from people of faith.

"I think the whole foundation (of faith) is the worth of every single human being," she said. "And I get people may make decisions for themselves that are different than the decisions other people make. But, by golly, those are decisions about you — they are not decisions that tell other people what they can and cannot do."

I find the Editors remarks as very offensive and I applaud the Senator!

Enough Already

I find you offensive. It is a shame stupidity is not a crime because you would be serving life without parole.

Elizabeth Warren is a Methodist and one of the major denominations that has recently gone off the rails. They now are in favor of marrying homosexuals among other heretic positions. She also supports abortion up to birth. She calls herself a Christian but she is a heretic. The same goes for Steve Beshear who belongs to the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. They refuse to call out sin much less take a position on it so he is quite comfortable there. His church is also heretical and so is he. When a Democrat favors abortion, transgenderism, homosexual marriage, and other anti-God positions you can be sure they almost always belong to a heretic church. If you believe this stuff is of God you are fooling yourself. You can't support these positions and be Christian too...


I told you once and I’ll say it again - you are not God and you don’t speak for him! You throw out words like “heretic” and “apostate”, and you sound more like a member of Al Quida or the Talliban than a Christian. Either that or you have time travelled from the European Middle Ages or Colonial Salem, Mass. Throughout history many good, innocent people have been killed over these words.

You criticize people for going to the “wrong” church, yet support a president who has never belonged to any church, and has blatantly and proudly committed countless sins.

I don’t know what church or religion you consider to be “the right one”, nor do I care. But you might want to pay more attention to the red letter parts of the Bible, especially Matthew 23. Oh, and maybe do something about that log in your eye before trying to remove all of our splinters.

Enough Already

You reveal much about your motives when you say:

"I don’t know what church or religion you consider to be “the right one”, nor do I care."

People like yourself that cherry pick scripture and then use it out of context to promote social or political beliefs they are in favor of reek of hypocrisy. The Bible is not a book of multiple choice interpretation and it DOES have a finite interpretation even if people like you refuse to agree. God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The OT does not contradict the NT and It is quite plain how God feels about children and homosexuality. These two issues are the lightening rod arguments held by most but not all atheists, socialist and communists that make up the majority of today's Democratic party. You can play your little games all you want and split hairs on scripture but it does not change the truth. Democrats and people that support them have lined up on the side of evil. What you advocate has been recognized as perversion and murder for most of recorded history, but in a decade the Democrat party has convinced those soft in the head that they were wrong all of this time, that sin is not really sin and situational ethics is legitimate, and yet God says otherwise. We have all sinned including Donald Trump and yet he has done more to fix this country than almost every president before him. President is a political position, not a religious one. You and your arguments make are an exceptional illustration for Isaiah:520. You make an excellent cheerleader for Satan and I'm sure he appreciates you...

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