U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has proved time and time again that she is nothing but a hate-filled rabble-rouser.

A few years ago, this out-of-touch politician from the state that residents are fleeing in droves called for people to harass and confront Republicans and people working in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

We watched as members of Trump’s Cabinet were harassed, yelled at and even told to leave restaurants simply because they worked for the administration.

Those who this happened to didn’t deserve this type of harassment simply because of a connection to the president.

Waters shares a lot of blame for this happening as she was one of the main promoters of it. We wonder how she would like it if members of the Trump administration urged their supporters to harass Waters and her family when they are trying to enjoy dinner or are out and about in public somewhere?

The answer is very simple: She wouldn’t like it one bit.

If the misconduct that she promoted wasn’t bad enough, Waters came out just before last week’s election and made the outrageous comments that she cannot forgive Black voters – especially “Black young men” – who vote for Trump because he is “a racist.”

“For those Black young men who think somehow they can align themselves with Trump, not only are they terrible mistaken, any of them showing their face, I will never, ever forgive them for undermining the possibility to help their own people and their own communities,” Waters said.

Waters apparently thinks Black people aren’t capable of listening to the candidates, seeing what they stand for and what they can do for the Black community.

We have news for this out-of-touch congresswoman. Black people are perfectly capable of listening to the candidates’ positions and making their own decisions on who they want to lead our country by voting for the candidate of their choice.

Waters essentially called Black voters who voted for Trump “Uncle Toms,” which is beyond insulting considering almost 10 percent of the Black population in this country voted for Trump.

And this racist rhetoric that Waters and her far-left colleagues spew about our president is simply not founded in fact.

Racist presidents don’t get Black unemployment rates to the lowest rates in decades. They don’t put Black people in their Cabinet, which Trump has done, and they don’t denounce white supremacists, which Trump has done 38 times now to be exact. Racist presidents also don’t sign bipartisan legislation that permanently provides more than $250 million a year to the nation’s historically Black universities, along with dozens of other institutions that serve large groups of minority students.

It’s also worth noting that Waters hasn’t introduced any legislation that we can find in the 29 years she has been in Congress to help Black people in her district.

Our message to Waters is stop with the hate-filled rhetoric. Those who voted for Trump shouldn’t be shunned by Waters or anyone else as they simply voted for the person who they best thought should be our next commander-in-chief, which is their right as Americans.

It’s time for Waters to look in the mirror.

The real racist isn’t Trump. It’s Waters, who has a history of playing the race card throughout her rather undistinguished political career in California’s 32nd Congressional District.

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I’m pretty sure they can BOTH be racist. Donald Trump a little more publicly.

Enough Already

Maxine Waters displays her racism proudly because she is black and gets cover from the legacy media. It is also very profitable for her because she keeps getting elected by clueless black people who think she is representing them. In fact, we are now living in a time where liberal racists are redefining what it means to be a racist, and they do it without challenge or pushback from this same media. I read regularly of people who should know better, educated and prominent black people, who declare anything they disagree with as racist. Today I read where one of these black racists said the term illegal vote was "racist". This was "professor" Ibram X. Kendi of Boston University. This stupidity occurs frequently now as a way to silence people who they disagree with, but no one calls them out for the abuse. It is especially prevalent on college campuses and is the first choice tactic to dis-invite speakers the real racists disagree with. It has become a meaningless word. It has become diluted to where the answer to anyone who disagrees with you is the accusation, "you are a racist!" The common denominator for these people is they all consider themselves democrats.

Dr. Strangelove

Well said, BGNews


Waters' condemnation of Donald Trump's obvious racism is quite warranted. Trump's accusations of Mexican "rapists and murderers" crossing the border, pandering to white supremacists, banning Muslims from entering the US, joking about the Trail of Tears, calling COVID Kung Flu, not to mention his lawsuits for racial discrimination as a landlord. Since you are probably a privileged, white citizen, you don't see the problem. Thankfully, the orange one lost the election, and we can try to have some civility in our Oval Office.

Dr. Strangelove

You defend Maxine Waters. Enough said. Look out for all those mythical white people, loaded with privilege and all the ism's you can come up with. We're going to get you................ Moohaha! Get back to your mother, redneck Maxine.


It is certainly true that tis time forall hate-filled rabble rousers no matter color or race, whom or where to cease and desist.

Dr. Strangelove

The only people I see beating other people and condemning their right to free speech and action is the Leftist Democrat party of today. They are very tolerant as they crack sculls and cheat in massive scale in elections. Don't hold your breath. We are in a civil war. Toodles!


Still drinking the Kool-Aid regarding the "rigged election"? Try to imagine a rigged election where the Democrats fully secured the Senate also. Your logic needs work. Obviously, you are unaware of the tactics Republicans have used successfully to suppress the vote, yet call the Democrats cheaters. Quit your cult and enlighten yourself.


We are in a civil war eh? Must admit, it is certainly the most civil of any war I've ever heard of. You know, considering that outside of a few LARPers running about popping off at the mouth and waving their inadequate manhood compensation devices around in the air, I really haven't witnessed much carnage.

Anywho, if there were to be another round I don't see the results being in favor of the Rubes. I mean, most all of the good tech is controlled by the so called 'Liberals' and if the Billies can't communicate via their Google boxes and share pertinent 'intel' they aren't going to last long. I mean seriously, how are they going to continue 'OWNING THE LIBS' without someone being able to give them a like on their social media?


Amen, Amen, and Amen the left is right!

Enough Already

You are going to get your education soon enough. All we lack now is finishing.


Do tell... what 'education' would that be? And what exactly are you lacking to 'finish'?

Enough Already

This election has not been decided Vladmir. When the legal cases have been decided in the SCOTUS it will be over and not before. That is when it will be finished.

Election fraud is serious. Leftists have been stealing elections for years but usually in banana republics. People disagree in this country but I never thought the dems would stoop that low. I was wrong. A communist by any other name is till a communist.


One would need to have evidence of election fraud in order for the SCOTUS to even take up a case on election fraud. I guess you are still waiting for that Kraken to be released. Not surprising. You remain in conflict with reality.

ACB isn't going to miraculously assist you with trying to circumvent the will of the non cultist real American patriots. Reality will assert its self 1/20/21 when Biden/Harris are sworn in as POTUS/VP. Now, best get back to your echo chambers for the salve you require to alleviate the chaffing you subject yourself to every time you post your Fantasyland comments on this medium.

Buh-Bye there big guy.

Enough Already

Well Vladmir there is plenty of evidence for election fraud. I know you, like most communist democrats have no respect for the rule of law. (unless it goes your way)

Keep in mind this is just one website and it will introduce you to SOME evidence, none of which you will see or hear in that echo chamber where you get your fake news.


Eat dirt stumpy.


Rule of law? The only ones attempting to circumvent the laws are Don the Con and his toadies. One of which funds the link you included as a 'proof' of fraud that has not in fact been proven. Seriously... like anywhere.

Rule of law my behind. Need to dial back on that projection there chief. Doesn't help your cause.

Enough Already

They will hold the trial in the SCOTUS, not the dishonest media.

Wait for it!


Make sure to bookmark this page fella. We'll compare notes 1/20/21 at the latest.

Sweet dreams little prince.

Enough Already


Just understand this: This was a fraudulent election. Unless we examine all aspects of this criminal conduct in the SCOTUS, we will resolve nothing. If you certify a fraudulent election, it is still fraud. If electors cast their votes for a candidate that obtained the victory by fraud, it is still fraud. Nothing you say will change this including all the left leaning sources you have who say otherwise.


"This was a fraudulent election."

Asserting facts not in evidence, I'm still waiting on that Kraken to show up.

"Unless we examine all aspects of this criminal conduct in the SCOTUS, we will resolve nothing. "

The criminal conduct of which there has been no credible evidence admitted is awaiting an examination in the SCOTUS?... Okay. What is your fall back excuse in case the SCOTUS declines to hear the case? Deep State lobbyists? Reptilian overlords have infiltrated the judiciary? What if SCOTUS does decide to hear the case, and rules in favor of Biden? You know, considering there has been no credible evidence presented. Activist judges perhaps? Why, you'd be forced to clutch those pearls at the very idea of it! I'd hope you'd have a fainting couch nearby. Goodness knows you cannot afford any blows to the head.

"If you certify a fraudulent election, it is still fraud."

It is only considered fraud if there is compelling evidence of fraud. Conspiracy theories are not evidence. Wishing evidence into existence is not evidence of anything except the barrenness of wishful thinking. Willful ignorance is not a substitute for evidence. Propaganda is not a surrogate for evidence of evidence.

"If electors cast their votes for a candidate that obtained the victory by fraud, it is still fraud."

Which is precisely why there shall be no victory for Trump, for America would cease to be.

"Nothing you say will change this including all the left leaning sources you have who say otherwise."

Reality will assert its self.


Enough Already

The evidence is there Vladmir, and when it gets a hearing in the SCOTUS Trump will be be declared the winner.

You don't know squat because you keep your head up that rectal echo chamber called the Legacy media. No problem. I'll throw you a morsel. You are that blind squirrel that gets a nut now and then.

The Kraken is a DOD cyber warfare program that has been keeping track of all of this and they do have the evidence. So take your propaganda BS and peddle it to someone else. I'm not buying.


Well... talk about nuts. I take back what I said earlier about the blows to the head. I am one hundred percent convinced that they could actually be beneficial in your case.

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