It’s a blessing that Edmonson County resident Logan Powell is pretty handy with a cellphone.

The 7-year-old boy has a fascination with vacuum cleaners and likes to get on a smartphone to look at YouTube videos of different kinds of vacuums and learn about their inner workings.

Understanding how to use smartphones proved very valuable last month when Logan was with his grandfather Leroy Childress, who took Logan to look for arrowheads near Mammoth Cave National Park after a youth baseball game. Logan had Childress’ phone to keep himself occupied and first thought about going back to his grandfather’s car to wait on him, but instead turned back toward the area where he thought Childress would be.

Logan, who said he wasn’t very familiar with the area where they stopped, encountered his grandfather on the ground, unable to stand. Childress told Logan he needed help. Childress was able to get back up but later fell again.

With no way of getting back up, Childress guided Logan through the process of getting help, instructing him to call Leavia Childress, Logan’s grandmother. Cell reception was spotty where Leroy Childress was lying, though, so Logan resorted to wandering around the cornfield until he got a strong-enough signal to make the call and keep a conversation going with his grandmother.

Leavia Childress got her husband on the phone, but the fuzzy signal gave her little insight on the situation, so she talked with her grandson to get a handle on things.

Soon, Leavia Childress and Logan’s mother, LeAnn Powell, were traveling the area between Powell’s home and Logan’s baseball game to try to find Leroy Childress.

Though the cellphone service was spotty, Logan was able to describe to his grandmother a log house on a hilltop as a nearby landmark, and later in the call told family that his grandfather’s vehicle was parked near a metal gate.

Those clues were enough for the family to go on, and Leavia Childress and LeAnn Powell were able to find the vehicle and get to where Leroy Childress had fallen.

Leroy Childress was taken to a hospital, where he was treated. He is now safely resting in his Mammoth Cave home.

Had it not been for the quick actions of Logan, Leavia Childress and LeAnn Powell, the outcome of this could’ve been much worse.

For his brave and potentially life-saving actions that day, Logan was awarded a certificate of appreciation and a medal by Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle during a ceremony Monday at the Edmonson County Courthouse.

Logan is most deserving of this honor. He put his grandfather’s well-being above his own on that day and did what he needed to do. Because he knew how to use a cellphone, his grandfather’s situation had a much better outcome than it could have had.


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