Red Lobster

Red Lobster has some great seafood specials, and I always seem to be drawn to them. This go round it was the Dozens of Shrimp special that caught my attention.Dozens of Shrimp offers four variations: grilled baby-back of shrimp, citrus shrimp in a bag, shrimp scampi and hand-breaded fried shrimp. The shrimp are priced by the dozen so diners can make up an entre of different preparations of shrimp.The Red Lobster cheddar bread that starts off every meal is superb. Light, flaky biscuits are baked until golden and lightly flavored with cheddar cheese. It makes for melt-in-your-mouth munching while waiting for the entre.We chose the citrus shrimp in a bag and basil-infused halibut with a dozen barbecue shrimp. What a great variety of flavors in a few dishes! Throw a dozen shrimp in a parchment paper wrapping along with some green onions, lemon, seasoning and steam the whole deal and you have tender citrus shrimp in a bag. This came with a house salad, which was crispy and fresh, topped with a delicious vinaigrette dressing.Halibut is a very white, firm, lightly flavored fish. Red Lobster has apparently recognized that the International Herb Society has designated 2003 as the Year of the Basil they infused the halibut with basil.Basil belongs to the mint family. The ancient Greeks called basil The Herb of Kings. It was believed that only the king himself should harvest this herb, and only using a golden sickle!More interesting to me than the basil, however, was the arugula salad. Arugula is another herb, often added to lettuce salads. Its a smooth, broad, dark green leaf and as a complete salad by itself, it was a refreshing change.The dozen barbecue shrimp was the highlight of our meal. No matter what you order, make sure to get it with sticky and sweet barbecue sauce stickiness in a barbecue sauce is a virtue. All the shrimp was tender, but on the small side mostly one-biters.Red Lobster is a great family restaurant and on Sunday, the place was loaded with families. However, we were seated after a short 15-minute wait and promptly attended to by a friendly server. The only confusion occurred when another server attempted to help by bringing the halibut without the shrimp and salad. However, our original server apologized and lightly commented that I was served in courses.This time of year, it just seemed right to finish with a baked apple dish. Red Lobster has Apple Overboard, a Northern Spy apple baked in a wonderful pastry with cinnamon and cane sugar. It was served warm with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce topping.Red Lobster does an excellent job of changing its menu. The halibut dish is new and an excellent addition. If you want to give the Dozens of Shrimp a try, dont wait. This is a special promotion and will end soon. And if you miss the barbecue shrimp, dont say I didnt warn you.Paws for a CauseMontana Grille, 1740 Scottsville Rd., will donate all revenue generated on Monday to the Humane Society. Dont dog it, eat like a pig!The reviewer is employed at the Daily News. New restaurants are given an eight-week grace period before being reviewed. To comment, contact managing editor Mike Alexieff at 783-3235.