As herbal potpourri becomes popular among local hookah lounge patrons emergency rooms see an increase in admissions, prompting one mother to lobby for banning the substances.

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Kentucky narcotics officers plan to ask state lawmakers for additional funding to shore up losses of federal dollars and to up the ante agains…

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A Bowling Green woman died and her fiance and some friends lost consciousness after smoking a synthetic cannabinoid in their home.

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Noor Market owner Baraa Aldabse is facing a felony drug charge after being accused a second time of selling synthetic cannabinoids in his store.

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While following up on tips about suspicious traffic at an apartment on Steeplechase Court, Bowling Green police seized nearly 40 pounds of syn…

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The second annual Save Our Kids Conference kicks off Monday at Sloan Convention Center and will offer five days of sessions about the preventi…

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A Bowling Green mother continues to keep the issue of synthetic drugs in the public eye and wants others to learn as much as they can about them.

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President Barack Obama this week signed legislation that gives federal law enforcement more power to curb synthetic drug shipments.

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A measure designed to cut off synthetic drugs at America’s ports is headed to President Barack Obama for his signature and Bowling Green resid…

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As U.S. Sen. Rand Paul objects to legislation that seeks to ban synthetic drugs on the grounds that drug laws should be state and local issues…

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An Auburn couple pleaded guilty today to endangering their children after Bowling Green police found a woman passed out Tuesday in the front s…

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After an undercover drug buy and an hourlong search inside the Prince Hookah Lounge on Monday, officers with the Bowling Green-Warren County D…

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Two Bowling Green women are taking on nationally known Internet sales sites to stop the spread of synthetic marijuana marketed as herbal incen…

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Warren County Fiscal Court on Friday is expected to become the latest governing body to take a stand on the sale and use of synthetic marijuana.

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