The Hilltopper Athletic Foundation (HAF) announced Tuesday the launch of a new athletics emergency support fund designated to offset departmental COVID-19 related economic challenges.

Departmental expenses include: student-athlete, coaches and staff testing; safety measures to provide a safe, sanitary and healthy environment in all athletics facilities; as well as mental and physical student-athlete healthcare support. The Tops Together Recovery Fund will also help support additional budgetary expenses related to COVID-19 financial and economic damages, including but not limited to: reduced ticket revenue, budget reductions and potential drop in Conference USA and NCAA revenue.

“The countless financial challenges related to the pandemic, coupled with our university’s campus wide budget reductions that also impact the Athletics department have created enormous budget obstacles for us,” WKU athletics director Todd Stewart said in a news release. “Our student-athletes, coaches, and staff have remained diligent and dedicated over the last six months, and our goals have not changed. However, our ability to succeed at the high level we have all become accustomed to is now dependent more than ever on the support of our fans. Everyone within the Athletics department has made significant sacrifices to get us to where we are now, but in order to sustain our current momentum we need enhanced philanthropic support to help us navigate a very complicated landscape.”

Donors can support the fund by making an outright gift online, in-person or via phone, or convert the full cost or a portion of your season tickets to a donation designated to the Tops Together Recovery Fund.

All gifts to the fund are 100% tax deductible, and for every dollar donated, donors will receive 3X priority points ($1 = 3 points). HAF priority points are used to determine the order in which WKU fans have access to tickets, seating, parking and postseason events, which could prove to be especially valuable for as long as capacity remains limited at venues due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

For more information about the Tops Together Recovery Fund, call 270-745-5321 or visit

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