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Absolutely Positively commented on Beech Bend widening plan needs another look

The world's tiniest violin plays faintly in the background as a family who is directly responsible for a program that is a vast waste of taxpayer dollars worries about the cost of a road. That road brings in millions of dollars of revenue each year. You've lived there for 50 years, good f…

Absolutely Positively commented on McConnell makes major mistake with KSR

Liberal sports guy who doesn't know anything about politics is upset that rules are being enforced.

Absolutely Positively commented on Bevin's election claims are baseless

As for your claims about Bevin peddling conspiracy theories in an election loss, can't say I blame him. It's common these days.

You're approaching peak wokeness when your efforts to justify the cartoon are the whataboutisms of "You said that some illegal immigrants are bad!" and "How dare you say that sex-change operations shouldn't be paid for by taxpayers DEAD PEOPLE OF HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION COLOR!!!!"

Absolutely Positively commented on Senators need reminder they don't answer to a 'king'

Oh how I love the pious "put partisan politics aside" lectures that seem to appear only when liberals need defections from the GOP. They're never worried about it in any other situations.

Absolutely Positively commented on Guthrie should stand up to Trump

After the remnants of the dead ISIS leader's body are still warm, as the economy remains strong... "He doesn't care about the country!" As the left proudly boasts that they want to take away rights, she fears that Trump is going to strip away her rights.

This is a dumb letter.

Lock is doing a great job of making himself unlikeable. He served time recently for a DUI and wanted to represent Timothy Madden for free. His website simply states his name, a phone number, and a PO box address. Sounds like a winner.

Smart money says Lester took the answers to his grave.

"We knowingly and willingly chose an area with no internet access despite plenty of places to live that do have it. Pity us as we blame our fate on others."

Augenstein closed his Hilton Head location when the lease ran out in 2016. He said that he was going to relocate to some other point on the island and that apparently didn't happen. Why he didn't sell the business instead of just shutting down is anyone's guess, though it's fair to specul…