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Regarding this AFL-CIO hack's claim that nobody wants to be unemployed, the Kentucky Unemployment FAQ states that those who want to stay away from work specifically because they can make more money from unemployment and the $600 stipend will be allowed to do so.

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No one said they're all liberals. They're just overwhelmingly liberals. Go look at the hot spots of gentrification over the last 20 years.

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To justify a particular type of internet access? Yeah, and anyone other than you and the lady who wrote that ridiculous letter would agree.

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What Connolly is describing is no more than a less refined version of modern gentrification as embraced by white liberals. Poor immigrant/minority laborers who live in poverty have replaced slaves. There's no need to slaughter the people who were already there when you control the legal a…

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A verse from the Bible to justify the most elite form of internet access! ROTFLMAO!!!

He's a Karen and no one takes his candidacy seriously.

She thinks Paul should interject himself into the Pepper case, a case that doesn't involve him in any way, shape, or form.

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It is no coincidence that the vocal group of people who would normally be all over this type of incident won't utter a peep about it.

Wow I bet this revolutionalizes BG. They will have to widen that street to accommodate all the traffic that is caused by people driving down to look at that. I bet Andee and that new guy are just swamped with requests now.

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The DN did a "10 Questions" article with Mr. Lauth last year.

White privilege: a term used by liberals to sort of acknowledge that they are racists while avoiding any responsibility for being racists.