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That's a good one! Well summarized. LOL

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Well said Mr. Thomas. Unfortunately much of the masses want government to be their Mommy and Daddy, and cut up their meat at supper time. Self initiative and responsibility of your own actions hasn't been taught in schools for 40 years. Much less by the weak kneed parents who bore them. T…

Not using any developed scientific methods of forest management are the reasons the California fires exist. The blame is totally on Sierra Club in regards to this, not "global warming" as they always called it 40 years ago when the world was going to end. And of course this is California,…


If this was a case of the thousands of black on black killings mattered, the WKU team would be shut down for eternity. But it doesn't matter to the dummies. BLM is BS

You say "dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion". How about providing opportunity to all with the possibility of achieving or failing while in pursuit of your goals. Having curriculums with real substance that builds, not tears down. Your identity politics mantra is what allows and…

Most excellent Mr. Buckner! All the "Social Justice Warriors" will for sure pitch in financially and make up for their major contributions I'm sure, Not! LOL

And you are a student of history, instead of the BLM dummies tearing down statues of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. Outstanding.

Go to the Chinese, Vietnamese, and India and talk to them about your issue. They are the largest polluters on the planet hands down. America is minimal. And as to global warming, the latest is global cooling. I have looked at the policy differences of McConnell and McGrath. So, Mitch gets…

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People of Western Kentucky. You are paying thousands of dollars to have a man this ignorant to guide your kids through college. Aaron Hughey is not who you want at WKU.

These are paid rioters from out of town and/or recruited within. DC lacks no shortage of ignorant savages