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Enough Already commented on Beshear opens new field office

“We’re not running on anything that’s partisan,” Beshear told the crowd..."

Everything you do is partisan.

You want to scare the hell out of voters so they won’t vote Republican

allow new born children to be murdered and call it late term abortion

be anti-G…

Yes of course, but that is not what Democrats do. You will be lucky if they even acknowledge it happened.

These are professionals, the rich and powerful that choose to ignore the law. We can only hope they lose money on this development, but at a measly $1000 dollar fine they will probably do just fine and are incentivized to do it again on another project.

You democratic/socialist communists sure do love your taxpayer paid for social programs. Maybe next year our schools should provide free housing and a guaranteed income too. After all, it won't cost anything, we can just raise taxes again on the fools who pay it!

"Toxic masculinity"

Clarence Page is just your typical liberal moron throwing around the current SJW politically correct words as if it was anything other than BS.

Enough Already commented on WCPS defends efforts on achievement gaps

"summer meal services"

If tax dollars are going to ANYTHING other than education that is a poor return for tax money marked for education. Stop it! Dump the crap that has nothing to do with education and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS...

Interesting that these failing public schools can't turn out an acceptable product but they absolutely don't want funding for charter schools because that might hurt the public school system. I suggest that it is more like they will have to put forth the effort to educate these kids prope…

Enough Already commented on Stronger mental health gun laws justified

Although there are exceptions, research into the behaviors of these shooters almost always turn up the fact that their problems have been and are being treated with powerful drugs. No one ever mentions the clearly established link between mass homicides and psychiatric drugs. The mental h…

Enough Already commented on Threats against McConnell were shameful

Good editorial but you failed to mention the part that democrat mayors play in this kind of shameful behavior. Whether it is Louisville's mayor calling it "free speech" and refusing to get involved, (he is a democrat) or democrat presidential candidate mayor Bill DeBlasio who has ordered …

The Clinton Dead Pool expands again!