I am confused about voter suppression here in Kentucky, I have lived in Bowling Green all my life and I have had to show my drivers license or a form of ID before I have ever voted.

Pretty obvious that all these writers are pawns of the far left regime

Otis needs to pay this and resign for good,

Otis needs to go home, We have watched him for years on and off back to the days of dogging our former Mayor continuously about her trip expenses among other things and now backing the gay people but not mentioning that in his campaign, We have had enough.

What a joke, Maybe the protesters need to start with the people of color(or what description they prefer) that write/sing these trashy songs. The protesters have a lot to learn as they go through life complaining about this when their own color can say the dreaded n word all they want and…

fj1200a commented on Beshear opens new field office

This sure is not someone I would want to be my governor, following after his crooked father and then filing one lawsuit after another this whole term it seems, What a loser.

This is too funny but sad at the same time, I also thought Mr. Nash reminded me of Otis the other day.

Totally agree with your comments. He has made his bed and does not want to lie in it. He has been a thorn in many people's side beginning with the former mayor about her travel expenses to today being a leader of the gays, He chose not to mention that in his recent campaign. When you wall…

Why was a Breathalyzer test or blood drawn in both of Mr. Nash's cases to settle the alcohol content issue. Mr. Simpson is spinning his tales because he is getting paid dearly no doubt, This is the second round so it makes one wonder how many other times he has driven after drinking too much…

Sure he was getting ready to call Uber, that explains why he was in the car with it running, why was he not charged with DUI ? Can the Sheriff answer this important question? He's a loser and needs to go.