Four common mask myths are debunked by Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack and Med Center Health Medical Services Director Leslie Rossetter.

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I know the truth

This idiot wants to use doctors as the guild to "not being a problem" for people wearing a mask. Most doctors are healthy and he's full of BS because most doctors are not wearing mask all day long while at work. At least not before this.

Its a catch 22 because those unhealthy people are the ones most in danger from this virus. But wearing a mask does cause them problems. I know that my wife has problems with breathing on days she's out and about wearing a mask. But she does anyways.

This video never touched on people that finger their mask for most of the time they are wearing them. I watch a couple 'Nancy's' at the same doctor I go to. I counted 12 and 15 times each touched or adjusted or pulled on their mask in 15 minutes before I was called back. At the same time they were touching the handles on the seat they sit in. One got up to use the restroom. Touching the door and most likely the light switch with that same hand she had on, inside and all around the mask she wore.

Lastly, the reason cases are going up are two fold. One a lot more testing. Two all the protest that our government allowed over the past few weeks. I'm sure the dictator that we elected Governor of our great state...

will make us all pay for the fact we are testing more people and the 10s of thousands he had no problem with them protesting without any of the same rules he wants others to follow.

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