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Time Inc. in an effort to capture the attention of beauty enthusiasts aged 16-35 has launched “The Pretty” a new social video platform. The new video platform debuted on Facebook and Instagram on June 15, 2017 with L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York as their main sponsors. What noticeable here is the all video approach of the social platform that offers how-to videos, hacks, tips and tricks, product information along with entertainment. The plan is to target GenZ, starting at the age of 16 along with Millennials ranging till the age of 35.

The Pretty is going to tap content from Time Inc. ‘s existing portfolio of brands that includes People, InStyle, Giggles, Real Simple, Essence, People Style and People En Espanol. Time Inc. told earlier that all these brands combined have a fan following of more than 50 Million on social media. The Pretty will initially offer 10 new short videos per week, each 30-90 seconds long. Franchises include, “It Only Looks Tricky,” tutorials that make complicated beauty look and feel accessible to daily household woman. ‘DIY Beauty’ for use who want to self-style them at home, “huge” on Instagram that highlights beauty trends on the social network and “when you are Obsessed with” that includes videos to resonate with the person who cannot live without a certain product.

The Pretty is Time Inc. ‘s second social video brand. Earlier, it launched “Well Done,” which is a food brand in March 2017. The company plans to introduce two more social video brands before the year-end. Time Inc. is planning to shoot videos for The Pretty at their studios in New York and Los Angeles.

What is Time Inc. Expecting?

From the new venture, what Time Inc. is expecting is views, more than the number of fans and followers. Said Zoe Ruderman, Executive director of content strategy, entertainment and sports and editorial lead for The Pretty. Fans and followers will use hashtags “itstheprettyvideo” and “ThePretty.” Ruderman further added that within the initial six months of launch, Time Inc. will offer a weekly branded video on The Pretty and two videos will have subtle product integration, which means that only 3 out of 10 videos being released every week will have explicit sponsorship.

“Completion rates are really important but we are also looking at the content that will be shared,” said Ruderman. As for The Pretty’s audience, it will be women or men who wants to get more from his or her products and tools. It’s basically for people who want to learn more, she said.

Separately, in recent weeks, Comcast Corp's NBC News launched “NBC Left Field,” a digital video service that will produce short documentaries and features for Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In launching the social video service, NBC News is hoping to lure younger viewers who routinely look to YouTube and Facebook for video and television. Left Field will have an international focus. The launch of The Pretty is surely going to provide good influence on the social sectors, allowing others to also pool in. let’s see how the story unfolds further. For more details, stay tuned.


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